So sore!

Ahh! My legs feel like cement. Stairs are not a way to get from one floor to the other. They are torture devices for my calves. Maybe a break from the gym today is in order?


Training Plan

I never understood “training plans.” I just don’t understand why someone would have to have a schedule dictating when and how they were going to exercise for the next 3 months. Maybe thats why I never stuck to a work out plan so to speak.

My “training plan” was go to the gym (after eating one too many twinkees or having that extra scoop of ice cream in my sundae) and pick whatever machine was unused and the farthest away from anyone that I could possibly know. After carefully selecting said machine I would continue to go balls to the wall for an hour straight until I was sore and sweating profusely. I would then go weigh myself and if I hadn’t lost the 15 pounds I was expecting I would get pissed and console myself in a pile of tacos. And i wonder why I only went every few weeks.

Since having my a-ha moment (I watched this chick totally rock out for 45 minutes straight running on the tredmill. She had a good 20 pounds on me but still had no shame and had some crazy intense stamina.) I realized that I don’t need to lose a million pounds to start being an awesome athlete.

Hence my contemplation on training plans. I don’t plan on busting out a marathon anytime soon but maybe a 5K. So far I just push myself one step farther than a did yesterday, run 30 seconds more or up the incline a little more. I don’t mean to brag but I’m totally up to 13 minutes of straight running. That’s kind of a big deal considering a month ago I huffed and puffed my way through 2 minutes. Did I make out this extensive training itinerary saying I’m going to run X miles at Y pace Z times a week? Hell no, but I did push myself and I’ll call that a win.


I’ve never pictured myself as an althletic person. Sure I worked out and did sports in school but what conforming teenager from small town, USA didn’t? While those who know me (or at least my job title) assume that I am the epitomy of a health nut, but more about that later.

Truth is, I just started finally being “healthy” not too long ago. If you would’ve said, ‘Hey, lets go for a run’ I would assume you meant liquor store run and not like actually running in the fresh air for the health of it. But that’s all changed for me.