Almost there! I had a fabulous workout yesterday. It was my only day off work from both jobs AND my boyfriend had work off as well which never ever happens so I was tempted to skip out on the gym. I made myself go while the baby (aka boyfriend, seriously I don’t have kids) took a nap.

I started off with a 1 mile warm up. Then I, wait for the gasp, did an arm workout! I hopped around on a few machines (bicep curls, some fly thing, chest press, and the pull down bar thingy) and finished off with 1000 meters on the rowing machine. And man my arms are sore, but a good sore. After that I did a speedy mile, ok it was only a mile in 9:13 but its speedy compared to my 10:00 pace. Then it was a nice little walking cool down.

I rewarded myself with a trip to Whole Foods and a glass of wine. I think its funny how I refuse to pay more than $20 for a pair of shoes but my $12.99 bag of pistachios is a must have! Boyfriend may have made fun of me a bit but I need my fancy foods!

Today is a rest day and off to have lunch with my old roomie 🙂


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