What to run for…..

After much thought about my workout plan….I’ve got nothing. I’ve been going back and forth between signing up for this 5K on Memorial Day but its like way out in the boonies and start time is at 6:30 AM!!! Since its one of my rare mornings off I’ve vetoed signing up for the race. I live in the desert and summer is not exactly prime road race time like other parts of the country so the next race is not until the 4th of July.

That puts me in a predicament. I know I can run a 5K. I’ve done it a handful of times with my last time being around 30:53. Not the fastest but I did not stop to walk. So signing up for a 5K isn’t going to feel like I need to kick it up into training mode. I’ve toyed with the idea of running a half marathon but that’s not until January so it’s too early to start training for that…. or is it?

I know very very little about training for races. What I do know is that I want a good base mileage to start out with. I was thinking working my way up to 5 miles and then start working on my speed.

I love running. I want to continue running but I’m a person that is motivated by continuous improvement. I always want to run farther or faster than last time but I don’t want to get burnt out either. I feel like I’ve made some good progress in the past 2 months and I don’t want to see it plateau. Comments? Thoughts? Suggestions?


6 thoughts on “What to run for…..

  1. I swear by Hal Higdon’s training plans. I used one to teach myself how to run (yes I had to follow a training plan to do that!), train for a 5K, and now I’m training for a 10K. The intermediate plans offer speed training options, which might be a nice challenge for you even though you don’t have a race deadline. :). I suggest signing up for that 5K anyway…do it just because you can or try to beat your previous time!!

  2. I’d say try out a 10K! It’s not too much commitment and you could do it in a shorter training timeframe. Then once you do that race you’d be closer to a half marathon distance and training would probably be a bit easier. I need to sign up for a race too!

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